Sex Swings

Sex swings are a form of fun and beneficial sex furniture that can increase intimacy, improve performance, and enhance pleasure for both partners. The swing and stand are built to be sturdy and strong and to easily take the weight while the design of the swing is such that both partners are free to explore one another without the confines that are associated with sex in a bed.

Sex Swing Design

A typical sex swing, which is designed solely for love making, is attached to its own stand and offers support for the back and bottom. This means that the man does not need to try and support is own weight during love making and his partner is not crushed by his weight during the throes of passion.


Stirrups for legs and divider bars may also be purchased and added to the sex swing for extra bondage fun. The freedom of the sex swing is such that both partners are more able to move around freely and assume different positions; positions that you may not otherwise be able to attempt without discomfort or even pain.


Of course, by ordering online via the SexSwings.org.uk website you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to begin enjoying all of the benefits that love swings have to offer. All packaging is discreet and we have a varied and wide selection of different swings, stands, and accessories to match your requirements exactly.

Sex Swing Styles

While some love swings are more cumbersome and may take up a lot of room, there are more discreet models and even a sex harness that attaches to the man but allows what is essentially gravity free sex. The Spinning Sex Swing adds yet another dimension to love making motion so that you and your partner can experiment in every possible position even through 360 degrees.

The Benefits Of Swings

Trying out new positions can be tiring and even painful, but sticking to the same position every time you have sex can become mundane and boring. A sex swing allows you the complete freedom to try new positions and experience feelings and pleasure that you’ve never felt before.

Greater Pleasure, Less Pressure

Taking the pressure away from the man’s elbows or removing the weight from on top of either partner means that you and your partner can relax and completely enjoy the feelings that are associated with love making. There’s no need to shift uncomfortably and awkwardly, spending your time concentrating on keeping position instead.