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Feels Like Heaven Sex Swing – £129.99

Redecorating your bedroom can be costly, exhausting, and time consuming. So why not skip out on redecorating and instead just pump up the room with this Feels Like Heaven Sex Swing. The soft, comfortable padded and fortified straps make it the most durable and safest sex swing on the market. Imagine finally getting into all the ecstasy filled positions you dream of without any of the strain or struggle.

The seat of this sex swing is finely crafted from padded polyester that is as solid as you could ask for. Who doesn’t want more comfort in their sex lives? And it is now easier than ever with the Feels Like Heaven Swing. You are going to feel better, enjoy the ultimate pleasure, and enjoy the fact that your partner will be incredibly grateful for years to come.

No matter how much wear and tear you put on this unique sex swing, it is sure to stand up to the test of time. It can be manoeuvred and adjusted while in use and the strong, nylon straps are completely tear proof. Add that onto the thick buckles made of metal and you and your partner are sure to love the weightless, secure feeling that they get during your romp in the hay.


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