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The Sex Hammock Swing – £69.99

Imagine having deep penetrating, mind-numbing sex all while feeling like you are floating on a cloud made of pleasure. That is exactly what love making with the sex hammock feels like, and it takes far less effort and skill than any other sex swing on the market.

Toss out your old mattress and hop right into the Sex Hammock and you will instantly realize what all the fuss is about. Whether you choose to lay your partner down and penetrate them deep while they float effortlessly, or opt to hope on the hammock together for an orgasm filled ride, the Sex Hammock makes love making a truly unforgettable experience.

The Sex Hammock is made from an undeniably comfortable foam padded bed that is seamlessly connected with unbreakable nylon straps which are also easily and fully adjustable. The size makes it perfectly comfortable for one or incredibly cozy for two, but it is all up to your imagination how you want to use it.

Hop on a hammock and take your love making to the next level. Who knew bringing a hammock in doors could feel so good?


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