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Tiger Spinning Sex Swing – £129.99

It really is time to release the animal in you, and it is easier than ever with the Tiger Spinning Sex Swing. Imagine feeling deeper penetration than ever before, enjoying incredible oral sex, increased flexibility, and more energy in the bedroom all with one simple purchase. That is precisely what you and your partner get with the Tiger Sex Swing that spins and pleases anyone that uses it.

You can enjoy incredible pleasure right out of the box with this comfortable, durable, padded, and heavy duty sex swing that is sure to withstand whatever beating you put on it, or on your partner. The plush velvet slings ensure your comfort while the spring allows for a ton of movement yet a comfortable and soft ride. The swing comes with an adjustable and completely padded strap swing, two padded stirrups, a spring, hooks, and a metal frame. All it takes is a little bit of self assembly on your part, and then the fun, excitement, pleasure, and ecstasy can begin.

Sit back and enjoy the Swing, and the only thing you will be left wondering is why it took you so long to get a spinning sex swing of your own.


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