Try New Positions with a Sex Swing

An enjoyable and fulfilling sex life is all about trying new positions. But who honestly has the time or athletic ability to figure out positions that feel good for both partners? Wouldn’t it be perfect if there was a way to experiment with all new sex positions without all of the strain, struggle, and hassle?

Well now there is thanks to the sex swing.

With a sex swing the possibilities for all new and creative sex positions is absolutely endless, and easier than ever. There are 100’s of easy to learn and utilize sex positions that lovers can take advantage of, and there is no need to stretch beforehand or have the flexibility of an acrobat. All you need to do is set up the swing, get comfortable, get naked, and get ready for a whole host of mind blowing and ecstasy filled positions.

There are a number of manuals and instructions available online for all kinds of sex positions that can be used with a sex swing, but the really exciting part is experimenting and creating new positions on your own that bring you to the heights of orgasmic feelings. Better yet, mix in experimentation along with instructions and you have all the ingredients needed for one of the greatest nights of your life.

Just take a look at some of the sexual positions you can utilize with a sex swing:

  • A Sex Swing allows you to effortlessly swing your partner into a new position without any hassle, thus maintaining all of the excitement and the mood.
  • The spring that comes with sex swings gives you the undeniable ability to pump faster, penetrate deeper, and add a whole lot of energy into the mix.
  • One unbelievable position is for the woman to strap herself into the swing while the man stands and continuously moves the woman into a whole host of interesting positions. You can literally take advantage of 10 positions within as little as a few minutes. Just imagine the excitement that brings to the bedroom.
  • A swinging sex swing usually comes with a support bar that adds leverage and power to any position.
  • The man can sit in a chair while the woman situates herself in the swing, spreads her legs and bounces up and down with added movement and excitement. Of course you can face each other or face opposite directions, or better yet just try both.
  • Partners can take advantage of completely hands free sexual positions, which leave the option for caressing and full body play like never before.
  • Consider attaching a sex swing over the bed while the man lays down on the bed. The woman is free to bounce up and down with vigour like never before.
  • A man can lay on the bed while a woman completely spins in a 360 degree motion. Something you thought was only possible in the movies.
  • Doggy style can get a whole new look as woman can be suspended facing down while the man enters into whichever hold he chooses.

A sex swing really does give partners the opportunity to let their imagination run wild, and their sex life to run free. Try out hundreds of different positions with no strain or added effort and instantly find out what you have been missing out on all this time.