What is a Sex Swing?

Many couples and lovers are falling in love with what a sex swing can bring to their sex lives, but there are still a lot of people that wonder what exactly a sex swing is. If you are one of those people, then sit back and get ready to find out not only what a sex swing is, but how it can improve your love life by leaps and bounds.

Essentially, a sex swing is a style of harness that is designed solely for sexual intercourse and increased pleasure for partners. One partner is suspended in a free, weightless position while the other has the ability to get into a number of positions without any restrictions. Common sex swings come equipped with support for the back and bottom, and additional stirrups are often provided for the legs. There is a vast difference between types of sex swings on the market, as some are simple and hang from the ceiling while others hang freely on their own and can come with all sorts of bells and whistles.

Beginners in the sex swing market often opt to start out with a door swing. This is a simply door attachment that requires little to no installation and can be taken down and hidden very easily. Once they have mastered that there are options to move onto such toys as a Spinning Sex Swing, which allows one partner to swing a full 360 degrees in search of pleasure, or even a Sex Harness, which allows the man to effortlessly strap his partner in and hold on tight for a heck of a ride.

The main advantages of sex swings come in the abundance of sexual positions that can be used. Deeper penetration, better oral sex, and a creative flair in the bedroom that never existed before is what you get with a sex swing of any kind. Thus, it is easy to see why these sex toys are becoming popular all over the world and the UK. Reducing the effects of gravity really does increase sexual performance and comfort, for anyone of any size.

While the one drawback to sex swings is the fact that they can be cumbersome and hard to keep discreet, there have been many new products that have taken that disadvantage into consideration. The Sex Harness is simple to use and easy to hide while toys such as the Sex Hammock or Door Swing are easy to set up, much smaller than oversized sex swings and easy to take apart whenever guests are coming over to the house.

No matter which sex swing you decide is right for you, the internet and online catalogues are the best places to purchase them. There is complete anonymity provided when ordering a sex swing on the internet, and even the shipping and packaging process is done in a very discreet manner. The best part may be that you do not even have to leave the house in order to take advantage of all the ecstatic pleasure that a sex swing can provide is a definite bonus.